“Photogrammetry PRO”

The ” Photogrammetry PRO ” training is only intended for participants who already have advanced skills in aerial photogrammetry in their field. This training consists mainly in an active practice of aerial photogrammetry through practical exercises adapted to the participants.


Duration of training: 2 days

Prerequisites: Photogrammetry 

Sector of activity: Construction, Agriculture, Geometry, Architecture, Cartography, Topography

Languages: English

Number of participants: 3 to 8

Minimum age: 16 years old

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Program “Photogrammetry PRO”

  • Mapping: basic concepts and terminologies
  • Airborne devices and sensors
  • Imaging applications
  • Detailed photogrammetric processing
  • Standard applications: optimal implementation
  • Special applications: 3D reconstruction, plant index, IR mapping
  • Accuracy, tolerance, sources of error
  • Demonstration of different drones and sensors
    Several practical exercises (about 50 percent practice)

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