Our instructors

Specializing in search and rescue missions with UAVs, Dominique is also a DJI recommended photographer. In addition to his training experience with UAV projects such as Redog, Dominique is also president of the Swiss Federation of Civile Drones (SFCD).
Entrepreneur and drone pilot for 10 years, videographer and certified thermographer, Fabian is the co-founder of Upperview Productions. Working in aerial photography for major clients in Switzerland and abroad, he has also specialized in photovoltaic thermography and pilot training.
He was an airline pilot for 22 years and has, nearly 20 years of instructional experience. He Vvoluntarily surrendered his wings in August 2018 as Captain on the A380. He has 4 years of experience with drones and he, mainly performs wind turbine inspection. He is the Head of Vertical Master Hub in the German part of Switzerland.
A trained geophysicist , Olivier worked in offshore oil seismics for CGG Marine before joining IBM. He moved towards the drone industry in 2018 and now works in the fields of geomatics (photogrammetry, LiDAR, GIS) and agriculture (phytosanitary and biostimulants spreading, sowing, acquisition and multispectral treatment).
Reto is a trained engineer and worked as a developer and architect in large software projects for over 20 years before starting to work with drones in 2011. Today, he runs his own company that specializes exclusively in drone services. At the core of pixmap's service portfolio are terrain and 3D models, mapping and surveying.
Martin is an entrepreneur, IT manager, drone instructor and SVZD certified UAV pilot. He holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering and a master's degree in IT Security. He offers drone services in the areas of surveying, 3D modeling, film & photography and training.
Melinda is a real estate and architectural photographer, specializing in immersive 3D virtual tours and creator of indoor-outdoor digital twins. In addition, Melinda is also a professional drone remote pilot and is a, trainer for Civilian Drone remote piloting.
As a computer engineer, Ivana always had the desire to find a job that would allows her to combine technical skills, her passion for new technologies and photography. Certified telepilot by the DGAC and entrepreneur, she offers aerial photography services as well as technical diagnostics (photogrammetry & inspection).