Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we ?

Vertical Master is a network of professional dronists and instructors all with concrete expertise in a specific industry.

Why Vertical Master?

Vertical Master was created to promote and professionalize the drone professions in an increasingly competitive environment, where the emergence of new disruptive technologies is changing the situation in many professions.

Who are the Vertical Master courses for?

Training offered by Vertical Master such as photogrammetry or thermography are highly specific and are aimed primarily at professionals in the branches in question or people undergoing professional retraining. Vertical Master also offers more fun training open to the general public, such as FPV Racing or the Junior for children.

What legislation?

Today, drone legislation in Switzerland sets out some specific rules to be observed on Swiss territory. However, unlike our French neighbors, there are (yet) no official certifications or permits issued by OFAC to fly a drone in Switzerland.

Being in a border region, Vertical Master made the decision to cover both the Swiss legal framework but also French, in order to give learners a greater understanding of the legal issue around drones in Europe and in the world.

How is Vertical Master different?

Vertical Master differentiates itself by offering training that goes well beyond drone piloting and that is truly built around professional applications specific to industries and meeting market needs.

What is the vision of Vertical Master?

Train, train and train!

Do I have to take my own drone during the training?

No, it is not mandatory to bring your own drone, because Vertical Master makes drones available to participants for its training. However, if you wish, you can take your own drone during the training.

Is there a federal drone piloting license in Switzerland?

No, there is no license or federal certificate for flying drones in Switzerland.

From what age can I participate in Vertical Master training?

Vertical Master suggests the age of 14 to participate in its training. However, there is Junior which is specially adapted for children from 8 to 14 years old.

Are the training courses only in French/German?

No, all trainings are delivered in the three national language (french, german, italian) and in ENGLISH

Are Vertical Master training only drone pilot training?

No, absolutely not, Vertical Master integrates many professional applications into its training courses and prepares its participants for trades rather than for piloting.

What are the rules for flying drones in Switzerland?

There are three main rules to be observed in Switzerland when it comes to piloting drones:
• Do not fly within 5 km of an airport;
• Do not fly over a crowd of more than 25 people in tight rows;
• Always have your drone within sight.

Drone legislation in Switzerland