MATRICE 300 RTK Universal Edt (EU) SP

11’138.85 CHF (VAT excluded)

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  • Delivery included
  • 24 month warranty
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  • Usage: Precise long range aerial inspection, Film production – interchangeable lens, large sensor, Mapping and surveying – mechanical shutter, HD photography, Public safety and industrial inspection, Thermal and RGB imaging, 4K video
  • Max. flight time (minutes): 55
  • Maximum distance: 15 Km.
  • Type of drone : Quadcopter
  • Max. payload 2.70 kg (TB60)
  • DJI M300 RTK
  • DJI Smart Controller
    USB Charger
  • USB-C cable
  • Smart Battery WB37
  • Propellers 2110 x 4
  • Landing gear x2
  • Spare joystick guard x2
  • Spare blade for propeller x2
  • Spare shock absorber for nacelle x4
  • USB cable with double A ports
  • Calibration plate for optical system
  • Carrying case
  • Radio control cable
  • Rubber port cover
  • Screws and tools


Operating temperature (°C) -20 to 50

Protection class IP 45


Max. climb speed (km/h) 21.6

Camera / Mounts H20, H20T, P1, XT2, Z30

Max. descent speed (km/h) 18

Bracket Configuration Single Bottom Bracket, Single Top Bracket, Dual Bottom Brackets, Bottom and Top Brackets

Usage Mapping and surveying – mechanical shutter, Thermal and RGB imaging, Precise long range aerial inspection, HD photography, Film production – interchangeable lens, large sensor, Public safety and industrial inspections, 4K video

Type of Drone Quadcopter

Dimensions unfolded (mm) 810 x 670 x 430

Dimensions folded (mm) 430 x 420 x 430

Battery Model TB60

Number of batteries 2

Capacity / Weight of the battery 5935 mh / 1350 gr (TB60)

Max. payload 2.70 kg (TB60)

Navigation GPS (L1/L2), Galileo (E1/E2), Glonass (L1/L2), RTK

Redundancy and sensors 2 propulsion systems, Dual IMU, Dual switchable frequency bands, Dual barometers, Dual batteries, Dual frequencies, Down: 2 cameras + 2 ultrasonic sensors + LED, Up: IR sensor + LED, Front view: 2 stereoscopic cameras

Integrated flight control

Smart Controller remote control

Video output ports on remote control HDMI, SDI, USB

Multi-user/master and slave drone capability

Operating frequencies 2.4 GHz (CE <20 dBm), 5.7-5.8 GHz (CE <14 dBm)

Maximum distance 15 Km.

Propeller models 2110, 2195

Obstacle avoidance Forward and backward (0.7-40 m.), Lateral (0.7-40 m.), Up and down (0.6-30 m.)

DJI FlightHub (Browser), DJI GS Pro (iOS), DJI Pilot (Android & iOS)

Max. altitude sea level (m) 5000

Max. descent speed into wind (km/h) 18

Max. flight time (minutes) (minutes) 55

Max. speed (km/h) 82.8

Max. take-off weight (kg) 6.14

Weight including batteries and propellers (kg) 6.3

Battery charging time (min) 135


Video Resolution 960p FPV


Video transmission OcuSync Enterprise

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    The DJI Matrice 300 RTK offers high performance for safe piloting and navigation. It is mainly used for professional use in the inspection and security sectors. The drone can carry a maximum of three pods which are the H20, Zenmuse P1 and Zenmuse L1 for a total weight of up to 2.7 Kg. With its new TB60 battery, the DJI Matice 300 RTK offers an autonomy of 53 minutes without pods and 43 minutes with pods.

    Moreover, the DJI Matice 300 RTK adapts to all types of environments. Several weather tests have been conducted by DJI to assess the ability to withstand rain and wind for example. The drone was tested in a wind tunnel to simulate extreme situations of very strong winds that can cause the drone to lose its trajectory or even fall. The DJI Matrice 300 RTK has robust motors that allow it to face winds up to 15 m/s or 33 mph. The drone has also been tested in a normal rain and heavy rain simulator. Although it is not recommended to fly in rainy weather because some internal electrical components could be damaged, the need for emergency intervention does not allow users to wait for a lull. That’s why the DJI M300 has been designed to withstand even heavy rain, and its upper parts and landing gear tolerate rain perfectly.

    DJI engineers have designed this drone with advanced redundancy systems that allow for mission continuity with all major airworthiness functions doubled (IMU, barometer, GNSS, Antenna, Compass, transmission). The drone is also equipped with six obstacle avoidance sensors. In addition, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK also offers several advanced piloting modes such as live mission recording, artificial intelligence during automated missions or the ability to make more than sixty thousand flight paths (waypoint) and intelligent tracking of given objects.