Completion of your PDRA/SORA flight authorization application, including the application to the FOCA, the elaboration of your company operations manual, an ERP (Emeregency Response Plan) and, in the case of SORA only, a risk analysis based on the SORA methodology. This offer is aimed at UAV operators wishing to obtain a ‘specific’ category flight authorization.


Category: Specific
Type of Authorization: PDRA-SORA
Eligible UAV : List
Training: STS1-STS2
Language: English
Price:  on quote

Easy Access Rules for UAS


PDRA/SORA Application

FOCA application documents
Risk analysis according to SORA methodology (for SORA only)
Compliance matrix and Master Data List

Company operations manual

Complete write-up of your company operations manual
Maintenance program and checklists

ERP (Emergency Response Plan)

Activation criteria for emergency response procedures
Procedure for recording emergency information

STS1 - STS2 Remote Pilot Training

European Standard Scenarios (STS1-2) remote pilot training
European Standard Scenarios (STS1-2) certification, theory and practice

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    Why should you be interested in our offers?

    • You get your own corporate PDRA/SORA
    • You operate in full compliance with EU regulation 2019/947
    • The operations manual is written in English
    • You can monetize this compliance with your customers


    Our terms of service

    • Fees charged by the FOCA are not included in this service
    • The operator must be registered in the Commercial Register
    • PDRA/SORA does not replace local requests (Skyguide, cantonal police, etc.)
    • At least one pilot must have attended STS training with Vertical Master